Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation II

Mission Statement

Two years elapsed from the time Jessica Jennifer Cohen was diagnosed with a brain tumor until she died. Adding to the devastating emotional and psychological toll on the family was the substantial financial impact of costs not covered by insurance. The mission of the Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation II (JJCF-II) is to contribute to easing both the emotional and financial strain on families in need who have a child or have lost a child who has been stricken with cancer or other life-threatening or life-ending disease.

Jessica Jennifer Cohen

Jessica Jennifer was a bright, energetic young woman, deeply committed to finding ways to benefit individuals and society. Through her studies at Duke University and affiliations and efforts with various charitable entities, Jessica Jennifer studied public policy and strove to improve community services, the lives of women and children, and programs to foster healthy, happy, functional families. She deeply loved and respected her friends and the generation of concerned young people they represent. Had Jessica Jennifer lived longer, she would have done much more to encourage their efforts to make life better for others, as well as pursuing her own. Jessica Jennifer was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 23, and died just after her 25th birthday.

Primary Beneficiaries of the Foundation

JJCF-II is dedicated to supporting the Children Cancer Network (CCN) and Ryan House, which serve the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, and the MISSFoundation, which is centered in Sedona, Arizona but has an international reach. CCN, Ryan House, and MISSFoundation are doing astonishingly wonderful work, not only along the lines of our mission statement, but also in many other supportive ways. They address the overwhelming issues that are faced by children and their families when a child is stricken by a devastating illness. We are proud to able to help their efforts in general and to enhance their abilities to give financial assistance and support to families in need. You can learn more about CCN at, more about Ryan House at, and more about MISSFoundation at

Other Possible Assistance from the Foundation

By law, as a donor-advised fund, JJCF-II can make grants only to IRS 501(c)(3) entities. JJCF-II retains the right to make funds or other assistance available to any group, organization or other entity for any purpose provided so doing is consistent with our mission statement and the Foundation’s remaining a qualified IRS 501(c)(3) organization. In addition, the Foundation will consider donations to promote research for the prevention or cure of brain tumors in general or pontine brainstem gliomas in particular. Our sister foundation, JJCF, provides charitable assistance consistent with IRS 501(c)(3), particularly to benefit talented young adults, to enable them to perform community service around the world. You can learn more about JJCF by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.

Contributions in Memory of Jessica Jennifer Cohen

The Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation II is a Donor-Advised Fund (No. 1104221) under the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (FCGF). The Advisors to the Foundation are Eugene D. Cohen, Anne E. Thompson, and Adam L. Cohen. The Foundation can be contacted through Eugene D. Cohen:  Contributions to the Foundation from others are welcomed and qualify for an immediate charitable tax deduction when accepted by Fidelity. Please contact FCGF at (800.262.6039) or Eugene D. Cohen (at for any questions on how to make a contribution. Alternatively, you also are welcome to donate directly to CCN, Ryan House, and MISSFoundation.

“When we remember as long as we live, she will too, for those we knew and loved are part of us. And as we remember, her love for us and our love for her give much more than death ever can take away.”

[Author Unknown]