Mission Statement

The Mission of the Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation (JJCF) is to promote and carry out the kind of good works and deeds that Jessica Jennifer Cohen would have favored. The Foundation provides charitable assistance consistent with IRS § 501(c)(3), particularly to benefit talented young adults, to enable them to perform community service.


Jessica Jennifer Cohen

Jessica Jennifer was a bright, energetic young woman, deeply committed to finding ways to benefit individuals and society. Through her studies at Duke University and affiliations and efforts with various charitable entities, Jessica Jennifer studied public policy and strove to improve community services, the lives of women and children, and programs to foster healthy, happy, functional families. She deeply loved and respected her friends and the generation of concerned young people they represent. Had Jessica Jennifer lived longer, she would have done much more to encourage their efforts to make life better for others, as well as pursuing her own. Jessica Jennifer was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 23, and died just after her 25th birthday.


Overarching Sentiment

“When we remember as long as we live, she will too, for those we knew and loved are part of us. And as we remember, her love for us and our love for her give much more than death ever can take away.” [Author Unknown]