Primary Potential Beneficiaries of the Foundation

The Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance to benefit young adults to enable them to perform community service that otherwise would be financially difficult or impracticable for them to do. The community service may be through employment or other association with a non-profit or other suitable community service organization, through the development and execution of an individual’s own program of community service, or through any other suitable community service activity. The Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation prefers to help young people whose proposed project is an early major step for him or her in community service.

Other Available Assistance from the Foundation

The Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation retains the right to make funds or other assistance available to any group, organization or other entity for any purpose provided so doing is consistent with the Foundation’s remaining a qualified  IRS § 501(c)(3) organization. For example, the Foundation will consider giving financial or other assistance for medical, hospital and related costs (such as travel for medical evaluation or treatment) for the benefit of individuals or their families where an individual’s physical or mental condition is threatened or impaired by an unexpected catastrophic illness. In addition, the Foundation will consider donations to promote research for the prevention or cure of brain tumors in general or pontine brainstem gliomas in particular. The Foundation also will consider donations to further counseling, advocacy, research, and education services to families experiencing the death of a child.